August, 2018

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Music and Emotions
Mourning: Astor Piazzolla and Adíos Nonino
In the last article in this series, we looked at how Tan Dun turned to his roots for inspiration when composing his first composition. In the same manner – though around four decades earlier – the Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla
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Liszt: Missa Solemnis
Premiered Today in 1856
Picturesquely located on the banks of the Danube River, the ecclesiastic basilica at Esztergom is Hungary’s largest church. Stephen I of Hungary erected the foundation of the present building between 1001 and 1010. Various fires and destructions by foreign powers
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When classical music becomes another character in a movie
I loved director Kenneth Lonergan’s lyrical and poignant “Manchester by the Sea” — for its acting, its screenplay (it won Oscars for both) and, less obviously, its score. The director uses classical music not only to support the dialogue, but
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Late Style
The accepted notion is that age confers a spirit of reconciliation and serenity on late works– Edward Said, ‘On Late Style’ What is ‘Late Style’? It’s a question that has preoccupied writers and thinkers, from Theodor Adorno, who coined the
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LekeuTrio in C Minor Performed by Natalie Ryshna, piano Israel Baker, violin Armand Kaproff, cello Recorded in 1958 Lekeu: Trio in C Minor – Lent – Allegro
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The Musical Knife
I trust you have previously enjoyed reading about the “Musical Bed” and the “Musical Bike”. Now, here comes a real musical curiosity in the form of a double-bladed musical knife! It is a rare treasure indeed, as only three of
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Haydn: L’Incontro Improvviso
Premiered Today in 1775
Visitations by foreign heads of state can be rather lavish affairs. And that was certainly the case when Archduke Ferdinand and Maria Beatrice d’Este, alongside a retinue of well over one hundred servants, visited the former hunting lodge of Prince
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How video game music is finally getting the appreciation it deserves
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Not to mention The Beatles.
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