October, 2015

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Continuous flow – In Touch with Sansara
The 2015 London International A Capella Choir Competition took place in September, and saw choirs from all corners of the globe descend to St John’s, Smith Square in the heart of London for a week that showcased the extraordinary healthiness
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Odd Instruments
What would you think of a 1-string violin with a metal horn attached? Odd indeed! The Stroh fiddle was once such instrument. The instrument was made of mahogany with a metal horn attached to a diaphragm to make the instrument
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Requiem: Music for All Saints & All Souls
Officium defunctorum (Requiem): Kyrie From Requiem: Music for All Saints & All Souls (2015) Released by Harmonia Mundi Tomás Luis de Victoria: Officium defunctorum (Requiem): KyrieIn memory of the faithful departed. Graham Ross directs the Choir of Clare College, Cambridge
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A distinct division of Labor
Bohuslav Martinů and Charlotte Quennehen
Ernest Hemingway once famously wrote, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” For
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World’s orchestras help ready China’s apprentice players to perform
The Shanghai Orchestra Academy lets young musicians find out what it’s like to be part of an ensemble, through exchange programmes with some of the world’s leading institutions
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The Sounds of Music – Pro and Con
Musical instruments have been the stuff of poetry forever. But, poets being poets, they don’t always agree. Here’s some samples of their thoughts – which side do you come down on?
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Marais – Caix d’Hervelois
MaraisFive Ancient French Dances Suite in D minor Caix d’HerveloisSuite No. 1 in A major Suite No. 2 in D minor Performed by Fernando Valenti, clavichord Paul Doktor, viola Recorded in 1955 Marais: Five Ancient French Dances – L’Agréable
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Benjamin Britten: An Anthem for Malaysia
1957 was a momentous year for the Federation of Malaya. After nearly two centuries of British rule it was to become fully independent on 31 August 1957. The constitution was written, all civic and federal laws were in place, and
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