May, 2014

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The Not-So-Grand “Grand Piano”
With a plot centred on a threat to a concert pianist – ‘Play one wrong note and you die’ – the film ‘Grand Piano’ sounded intriguing. The small but strong cast, starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack, made it seem
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The Supernatural in Music
X. Dance of the Fairies: Mischievous Imps
In the Romantic era, the Fairy was a lovely creature – rarely seen but with sometimes beneficial charms. In no work was Fairy music better expressed than by Mendelssohn in his incidental music for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In
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Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing
So far in my series on the great music colleges of the world, my conversation has always been with the administration departments. It was refreshing, therefore, to get in touch with a cello professor, Yibing Chu, who teaches at the
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Why we must have music when we work
Offices are getting smaller and more crowded, noisier and more officious. But rather than wishing we could hide away somewhere quiet, it seems we want our working days accompanied by music. Yes, even Jack Johnson.
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Jean-Marie Leclair
Murder in the Rue Careme-Prenant In the early morning of 23 October 1764, the violinist and composer Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764) was found lying dead in the vestibule of his house in a pool of blood from three vicious stab wounds
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Marschner – Wagner – Wieniawski – Liszt
MarschnerVampire Variations (From Marschner’s opera “The Vampire”) Wagner Announcement of Siegmund’s Death, The Valkyrie WieniawskiFaust-Fantaisie, Fantaisie brillante on themes from the opera “Faust” by Gounod, op. 20 LisztReminiscences of Don Juan, after Mozart’s opera Performed by Léo Marillier, violin Alexandre
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The King’s Singers deconstruct Johann
The King’s Singers will be performing at the Dresden Music Festival.
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Gabriel García Márquez and Music
Nobel Prize–winner and Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez died recently and we were looking traces of him in the musical world. His books and stories brought the realism and magic realism of South American literature to the world. He also
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