May, 2014

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Pomp and Circumflex
We’ve looked at English ceremonial music – now let’s cross La Manche and look at French music of the same kind. A king such as King Louis XIV and centrality of the court at Versailles meant that there was the
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Why We Like Sad Music
SADNESS is an emotion we usually try to avoid. So why do we choose to listen to sad music?
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Sails in the Harbor
Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House is easily one of the most iconic and readily recognized performing arts centers in the world. Of course it’s not really a single venue, but a building complex that houses multiple performance spaces. It plays host
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Dorukhan Doruk performs Dvořák with the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra
Dorukhan Doruk will be performing at the International Istanbul Music Festival.
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In touch with James Conway
Amidst much doom and gloom, the UK’s opera scene has quietly flourished into perhaps the country’s most diverse and creative arts sector. As well as regular performances from the Royal Opera House (now offering cheaper seats than ever before), English
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SauguetSymphony No. 3 “I.N.R.” Les Forains, ballet Performed by Pierre Dervaux, conductor Henri Sauguet, conductor Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française Orchestre des Concerts Lamoureux Recorded in 1948 – 1956 Sauguet: Les Forains – Prologue
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York Bowen: 24 Preludes / Suite Mignonne / Berceuse (Ortiz)
Bowen: Berceuse in D Major, Op. 83 From York Bowen: 24 Preludes / Suite Mignonne / Berceuse (Ortiz) (2014) Released by Grand Piano / Naxos Bowen: Berceuse in D Major, Op. 83York Bowen was described by Saint-Saëns as ‘the most
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Richard Strauss and the Rise of Modernity
Six years after the dismal failure of his opera Guntram in Munich, Richard Strauss collaborated with the librettist Ernst von Wolzogen on a project he hoped would exact revenge on the bourgeois provincialism of his hometown. Feuersnot (In need of
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