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Customized Perfection: Schubert’s Trout Quintet
Franz Schubert (1797-1828) met the singer Johann Michael Vogl (1768-1840) in March 1817 at the house of a mutual friend, Franz von Schober. Schober was an Austrian poet and writer and supplied Schubert with the libretto for his opera Alfonso
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On My Music Desk……
Franz Schubert – Impromptu in G-flat, D899/3
Schubert’s first set of Impromptus (D899) are amongst my most favourite pieces of piano music, ever since my mother, who admired the pianist Alfred Brendel, bought me the score of the Impromptus and Moments Musicaux after hearing Brendel perform them
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Discover Piano Four-Hand Music by Franz Schubert
“It is no coincidence that the literature of ‘original compositions’ for four hands is limited to this period….its true master is Schubert.” Quoted from Theodor Adorno’s article, “Four Hands, Once Again.” Music for piano four hands came to popularity almost
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Franz Schubert and His Circle of Friends V
Raphael Georg Kiesewetter (1773–1850) studied philosophy at Olmütz and law in Vienna before he was employed in the chancellery of the imperial army. Subsequently, he became a valued official at the war office in Vienna. Kiesewetter was an accomplished musician
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Franz Schubert and His Circle of Friends IV
The baritone singer and composer Johann Michael Vogl (1768–1840) was a key figure in Schubert’s success as a Lied composer. Vogl was engaged at the Vienna Court Opera, and he met Schubert for the first time in 1817. Renowned for
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Franz Schubert and His Circle of Friends III
Franz Schubert and his close-knit circle of artist and friends frequently gathered at the large apartment of Ignaz von Sonnleithner to hold their Schubertiades. These meeting had distinct intellectual, erotic and often political undercurrents. In the aftermath of the French
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Franz Schubert and His Circle of Friends II
It is not entirely clear when Franz Schubert met Franz von Schober (1796–1882). But from the very beginning, the two men had a special relationship. Gifted, charismatic and undisciplined, Schober was tall, smooth, good-looking and a gifted orator. Basically, everything
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Franz Schubert and His Circle of Friends
Franz Schubert lived the quintessential life of an urban bachelor. He rejected the restraints and dependence of family life and found sustenance and camaraderie in a close, but ever-changing circle of friends. Perpetually short of money, he lived with various
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