May, 2014

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The weirdest music you’ve never heard
A sellout crowd this week flocked to a New York concert hall to hear an orchestra play a single chord for 20 minutes, then sit in dead silence for a further 20 minutes.
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Ciccolini and the Waltz
We heard, the other day, a new disc by Aldo Chiccolini, simply entitled 13 Waltzes and it got us thinking about the waltz. The waltz was one of several similar dances that came out of southern Germany, Bavaria and Austria
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Martin Stadtfeld plays Bach
Martin Stadtfeld will be performing at the Dresden Music Festival.
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Classical Modern
It’s always a surprise when Pop and Classical music overlap. We already looked at Pop singers taking on the Classical repertoire, often with a lamentable result. But, if we look at the influence moving in the other direction, where Pop
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Schmitt – Rivier – Schoenberg
SchmittHasards, op. 96 RivierTrio for violin, viola and cello SchoenbergString Trio, op. 45 Performed by Monique Mercier, piano Trio Pasquier Recorded in 1957 – 1959 Schmitt: Hasards, op. 96 – Exorde (D’une allure rapide)
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…les sons et les parfums
Debussy meets Chopin
Claude Debussy: La plus que lente (Valse) From …les sons et les parfumsDebussy meets Chopin (2013) Released by Harmonia Mundi Claude Debussy: La plus que lente (Valse)Chopin and Debussy: two seekers of the absolute who, in their art distilled to
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In touch with The King’s Singers
Kings of A Capella
Taking its name from their alma mater King’s College Cambridge, The King’s Singers was officially formed in 1968. It all began with six choral scholars singing six days a week in the college chapel, performing at dinners and balls, as
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The Conquest of Bayreuth
Richard Strauss and Cosima Wagner
Richard Strauss first met Francesca Gaetana Cosima Liszt-Bülow Wagner in March 1889. Of all his acquaintances and friendships during this period of his life, this one was to have the most important consequences for his immediate future. Alexander Ritter had
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