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Living with the Mozarts!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 17, K. 453, “Allegretto” The Mozart household in Vienna was frequently described as a place of controlled chaos. Joachim Daniel Preiser, an actor from the Royal Theater of Copenhagen, described an afternoon with Mozart
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Immortalized Beloveds
The fact that the names of the pitches of the scales are both consonants and vowels opens up a great deal of possibility in terms of hiding words in music. The alphabet that can be hidden is larger than you
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The Goth String Quartet
Eklipse, a German-based string quartet, is turning the traditional look of the string quartet upside down. No more conservative clothes and demure attitude, this group takes the string quartet into the realm of heavy metal styling: eye patches and leather
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The Speed of Sound II
We were talking about tempo and how composers sought to transfer the sound in their ear to their performers’ brain. Starting in the Baroque, Italian words such as Allegro and Andante were used to show relative speed. But composers wanted
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“Heredity can tend to run out of musical ideas”
Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach
Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach (1759-1845) was the eldest son of Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach and the singer Lucia Elizabeth Munchhausen. Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst, not to be confused with his uncle Wilhelm Friedeman Bach, was the only grandson of Johann Sebastian
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Composer Silhouettes
Starting in the 18th century and continuing through the 20th century, the silhouette became the artistic rage. Typically, a silhouette is the image of a person (or something else) as a solid shape in black, presented against a white (or
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Melba at Your Table
Georg Predota already alerted us to the delights of Tournedos à la Rossini, a tribute to a heroic trencherman. On the distaff side, some lovely dishes were inspired by a very famous soprano who was active a century ago, or,
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Night’s Daughter: Bradley meets Mozart
Tamino: Zu Hilfe! Papageno: Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja Tamimo: Dies Bildnis sind bezaubernd schön Queen: Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen Monostatos, Queen, Ladies: Nur stille, stille, stille, stille (Monostatos, Queen of the Night, 3 Ladies-in-Waiting) Although we
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