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Napoleon Bonaparte and the runaway Prima Donna
Rather surprisingly Napoleon Bonaparte occasionally revealed more knowledge of music and poetry that one would have suspected in a man generally considered to be indifferent to the fine arts. In a letter to Désirée Clary, his lover at the time,
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Napoleon Bonaparte: “Do Not Shriek Like You Usually Do”
The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant military strategist, but the ability to hold a tune eluded him completely. Betsy Balcombe, a friend during his exile at Saint Helena writes in her Recollections. “In fact, Napoleon’s voice was most
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Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)
“Music Tells Us That the Human Race Is Greater Than We Realize”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was passionate about music. Like his contemporaries, he attended the opera whenever possible, and it is reported that he saw 163 different operas and watched 319 performances in total. Napoleon had received some rudimentary musical instructions in
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“Humpty Dumpty”
More Nursery Rhymes in Urban Legend and Music
The first printed version of the charming children’s book Mother Goose’s Melody was published in London around 1765. It contained several nursery rhymes that have not stood the test of time, but many others are still familiar such as “Rock-a-bye
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Twinkle Twinkle
What links Pergolesi, Humperdinck, Weill, and Monteverdi? The same thing that links Pavarotti, Alagna, and Caruso. They are part of a list of some 100 composers, conductors, opera singers, and others who have had minor planets named after them. We’ll
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“London Bridge is Falling Down”
All About Nursery Rhymes and Not BREXIT
Nursery Rhymes have always been popular with children and adults alike. These rhymes come from a variety of sources, including traditional riddles, proverbs, ballads, drinking songs and historical events. There has been much debate whether these innocent sounding rhymes have
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“Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary”
Nursery Rhymes in Urban Legend and Music
A good many nursery rhymes have acquired various historical explanations. Although it is much debated whether such explanations are grounded in fact or simply a matter of urban lore, it is clear that these innocent sounding rhymes support multiple levels
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The Announcement of Death
One of the most dramatic scenes in an opera is the announcement of the hero or heroine’s death. It’s a striking point where histrionics come to the fore and emotions run rampant. These scenes were present even in the earliest
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