September, 2014

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Charles Burney
Music is an innocent Luxury Charles Burney (1726-1814) may only have been a relatively minor composer, but he was definitely a giant as a writer about music and the music scene of his time. In fact, his four-volume General History
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MozartQuartets for flute, violin, viola and cello Performed by Arne Karecki, violin Herman Holm Andersen, viola Alf Petersen, cello Poul Birkelund, flute Recorded in 1956 Mozart: Quartet for flute, violin, viola and cello in D major, K. 285 – Allegro
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Gilbert and Gewandhaus – and so many singers
I love the Proms. Despite the fact that everyone always seems to be ill. Always. Of course there’ll be the odd cough in the quiet bits like at any concert, but in between movements is when the army of splutterers
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The Kreutzer Sonata
Music and Literature are like twin sisters. Not necessarily identical, but deeply connected in ways that can’t be easily explained. When the great Russian novelist and writer Leo Tolstoy published his1889 novella on the ideal of sexual abstinence and jealous
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Playing only One Note
Russia is home to many unique things and in music, one of the unique groups is the Horn Orchestra. So, you’re thinking – what’s so strange about an orchestra made up of horn players? The unique aspect comes in when
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Qatar Philharmonic Music Director Resigns After Proms Performance
I get home from the Qatar Philharmonic Prom, notes in hand, ready to start reviewing. Thinking I’ll start writing in the morning, I wake up to the news that the conductor of the orchestra I saw the night before has
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Love begins at home!
Charles Burney and his family
In 1990, the average size of individual households in the industrialized word ranged from a low 2.1 individuals in Sweden to a high of 3.1 in Ireland. According to this study, the group of 7 countries that make up the
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C.P.E Bach: Magnificat Wq 215 / Heilig ist Gott Wq 217 – Symphony in D major Wq 183/1
Magnificat Wq 215 4. Chor. Et misericordia elius From C.P.E Bach: Magnificat Wq 215 / Heilig ist Gott Wq 217 – Symphony in D major Wq 183/1 (2014) Released by Harmonia Mundi C.P.E Bach: Magnificat Wq 215 – 4. Chor.
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