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22 June: Darius Milhaud Died
Darius Milhaud, one of the most prolific composers of the 20th century, died in his home in Geneva, Switzerland, on 22 June 1974 at the age of 81. For the last 25 years of his life, Milhaud had been confined
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Dance of the Circus Clowns: Milhaud’s Tango des Fratellini
At the turn of the 20th century and past the end of WWI, Paris was the bright and shining light of culture for the world. Everything happened in Paris – new music, new art, new dances, new everything. Cafés were
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Three Minute Symphonies: Milhaud’s Chamber Symphonies
Written in an unusual small format, and with only three movements, the Chamber Symphonies of Darius Milhaud (1892-1974) are perfect pocket symphonies. Begun while he was in Brazil in 1917, while he was serving as the secretary to Paul Claudel,
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Milhaud: David
Premiered Today in 1954
David, first premiered in a concert version on 1 June 1954 in Jerusalem, is Darius Milhaud’s longest and most extensive work. The opera was composed at the suggestion of conductor Sergei Koussevitzky who was organizing a Festival to mark the
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Unsung Concertos
Darius Milhaud: Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone
Darius Milhaud grew up in a Latin-Mediterranean cultural milieu that particularly valued Italian music. When a young man wrote to him about Wagner’s theories that all art “springs from suffering, unhappiness, and frustration,” he replied. “I am glad you decided
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Minors of the Majors
Darius Milhaud: Sonatina for clarinet and piano, Op. 100
“Minors of the Majors” invites you to discover compositions by the great classical composers that for one reason or another have not reached the musical mainstream. Please enjoy, and keep listening!
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