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Hindemith and Bach
In his Suite 1922, Paul Hindemith had not only referenced in popular music genres; he also paid homage to the gestures and aesthetic of the high Baroque. Like many composers of the time, Hindemith was looking for greater objectivity and
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The Land of Limited Impossibilities
Paul Hindemith and Gertrud Rottenberg III
Paul Hindemith: Der Schwanendreher (Viola Concerto), II If you have ever taken wedding vows, you might still remember uttering the words “for better or for worse.” For Gertrud and Paul Hindemith, the “worse” was slightly more threatening than merely worrying
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Sachsenplatz Choo Choo
Paul Hindemith and Gertrud Rottenberg II
In most cases, prenuptial agreements or matrimonial regimes include provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce or breakup of marriage. However, these contracts rarely regulate issues relating to the children of a marriage, particularly,
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Matthis the Painter:
Paul Hindemith and Matthias Grünewald
Wilhelm Furtwängler had asked Paul Hindemith to write an orchestral work for the Berlin Philharmonic’s 1933/34 season – just at the moment when Hindemith had decided to write an opera based on the famous Isenheimer Altar (now in the Unterlinden
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Let’s do the Shimmy!
Hindemith, Bartók and Bach
Composed in January and February 1920, Paul Hindemith’s third string quartet was described as “brimming with youthful energy…a thrilling, musical event, real ‘new’ music. Here everything is comprehensible and concrete.” First performed at the Donaueschingen Chamber Music Performances in 1921,
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The Cowherd’s Tower
Paul Hindemith and Gertrud Rottenberg I
Paul Hindemith: String Quartet No. 3 in C major, Op. 16 The attentive and regular reader of my “In Love” column has surely come to understand that when it comes to musicians, artists and composers, love might not be the
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The Old World just exploded!
Hindemith and Brahms
Paul Hindemith was a precocious musical talent. Whatever he touched, he almost instantaneously mastered. He started violin lessons at an early age and was admitted to the Frankfurt Conservatory at age 12. He soon became an accomplished performer on several
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