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Bringing Children to Music
Haw Par Music in Hong Kong
Music is seen largely as a private matter – the hours spent alone practicing, the emphasis on the personal interpretation, the solo spotlight. However, at the same time, music is a social activity: the number of composers and performers who
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Ghosn Is Gone
“The Gregorian Escape”
The legendary entertainer and illusionist Harry Houdini exasperated his audiences with sensational escapes and vanishing acts. One of his most notable vanishing acts featured the disappearance of a fully-grown elephant from the stage. Of course, people have always found imaginative
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Saving the Symphony Orchestra
Perhaps you too have seen several articles of late about “Saving the Symphony Orchestra”. The demise of classical music has been a viewpoint touted for decades, but it seems to be a worthy conversation today. Audiences are dwindling, music education
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A Hong Kong Tragedy
High in the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, a tragedy is being played out involving the father, the mother, the child, and between them all is the domestic helper, Mila. She’s the observer of the family dynamics and how the father
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Art in the Embattled City
The international news is full of reports of the battle of Hong Kong – students battling the government, destroying facilities, battling police, taking control of the streets – and yet, at the same time there’s another side. The streets may
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Civil Disobedience in Music
A lonely and brave act of civil disobedience can have momentous consequences. In 1955, the seamstress Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus to a white man. Parks remembered, “Two policemen came on
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We the People
Revolutions and Music
Revolutions have always been part of human history, and they certainly have been central to the formation of the modern world. We frequently use the word “Revolution” in generic ways to describe various phenomena like the “industrial revolution” or the
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Classical Music at Hong Kong International Airport
I’ve been traveling extensively throughout the world, and for me personally, Hong Kong International Airport still ranks as one of the best such facilities in the world! Built on a large artificial island, it replaced the old Kai Tak Airport
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