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Writing the National Music History
Rimsky-Korsakov’s Russian Easter Festival
The Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) was unusual in that he combined his music career with his professional career in the Russian Navy, first as an officer in the Navy and then as inspector of the Naval Bands. His musical
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Henry Vieuxtemps and Josephine Eder
“Harmony cannot fail to rule over their household.” On 19 April 1833 the musical magazine Bohemia published the following review of pianist Josephine Eder (1815-1868): “She treats the light and difficult parts with the same certainty, combines taste and delicacy,
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Beethoven and Money
For much of his career and life, Beethoven was struggling financially. He would on occasion make a shedload of money, which he tended to invest in bank shares. However, the severe depreciation of the Austrian currency as a result of
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The Different Voices of Spring
What does Spring mean to you – a season of soft breezes? A season of soft mud? The return of the birds? The return of liquid water? The return of the green trees? Flowers pushing up through the snow? Or
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Ole Bull’s Desperate Gamble
If we can trust Robert Schumann’s assessment, the Norwegian violin virtuoso Ole Bull (1810-1880) was an “equal to Paganini for the speed and the clarity of his playing.” However, Bull’s path to fame and fortune was not an easy one.
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Beethoven’s Lairs
“Tiefer Graben 10”
It comes as no surprise that Beethoven moved dozens of times during his time in Vienna. Never a homeowner, he did not have much furniture to carry around, and finding lodgings was somewhat easier than it is now. However, he
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Modern American Influence: Bermel’s A Shout, A Whisper, and A Trace
America is a land of immigrants and this is just as true of its classical music as its cities. Clarinetist and composer Derek Bermel opens his mind to the musical influences in the world around him and his ears to
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How Well Do You Know Beethoven?
How well do you know Beethoven? by ProProfs » ProProfs
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