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A Europe of Music
Europe is well known for being the birthplace of classical music. With major cities such as Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, Prague, Saint-Petersburg or Vienna, and an endless list of musicians and composers from Bach, Mozart and Chopin to Debussy, Stravinsky
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The King of Instruments
For an instrument that is said to rule over all the other family members in the vast empire of musical instruments, the organ does not get much prominence or recognition. Outside popular pieces like the Toccata and Fugue in D
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A Personalised Sheet Music App for the Amateur Pianist
There are any number of apps and online courses to support and inspire the amateur pianist, from simple score readers which enable the user to read music from an iPad or tablet to more involved applications which offer an immersive
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In Memoriam
Peter Schreier (1935-2019)
The singer and conductor Peter Schreier, one of the leading lyric tenors of the 20th Century, has died in Dresden at the age of 84. As one of the most highly esteemed tenors of the century, Schreier hit his mark
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Stepping Stones to Bach
American pianist and teacher Eleonor Bindman is, by her own admission, devoted to the music of J S Bach. She has been praised for her performances and recordings of Bach’s keyboard music and has made a transcription for piano 4-hands
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Emotional Music
What is emotional music? But maybe first, I should ask, what is an emotion? And, are all emotions universal? Are your experiences of grief, remorse, shame and heartbreak the same as mine? I’d guess no; I don’t see how they
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Messiaen’s Cathedrals of Sound
Thoughts on listening to Vingt Regards sur l’enfant-Jésus Olivier Messiaen builds cathedrals in sound. From a single candle gently flickering in a quiet side chapel to the glorious fan traceries of the main transept, the private place for solitary prayer
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What Is Music Saying?
I have battled with the idea of what music is saying for most of my life. While I still have not drawn a final conclusion, I think I’m getting closer. As much as I and others (like Plato) say that
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