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“Opera is the Ultimate Art Form”: Maestro Xu Zhong
Starting from 6:00am on July 19 at Times Square New York City – known as the “crossroads of the world”- a digital billboard has been displaying an unique poster to endorse opera featuring Xu Zhong, President of Shanghai Opera House
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Forgotten Cellists: Pál Hermann
Let Forbidden Music Sound Again Another cellist and composer whose name we should not forget is Pál Hermann. Born into a middle-class family in Budapest, Hungary in March of 1902, he showed great talent and audacity even as a child.
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Great Performers: Sir András Schiff
A consummate musician, with a ferocious intellect, András Schiff is one of the greatest pianists of our time – indeed of all time – acclaimed in particular for his interpretations of the keyboard music of J.S. Bach and the Viennese
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Stealing and Re-Imagining
‘Landscapes’ by Doug Thomas
Most composers (and artists and writers too) steal from others. They learn their craft by copying; studying the works of others who’ve gone before them offers important insights into the nuts and bolts of the music (structure, harmony, texture etc)
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Forgotten Pianists: Jorge Bolet
To say that Jorge Bolet (1914 – 1990) is “forgotten” may not be entirely correct, but he is certainly one of the most underrated pianists of the 20th century. Born in Havana, Bolet gave his first public performance at 9
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In Remembrance of Frederic Rzewski (1938-2021)
Frederic Rzewski passed away at his house in Montiano, Italy, on June 26, 2021. He was 83. This renowned American composer and performer exposed another spectrum of music to the world over his 60-year career. Rzewski was the son of
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Pure Class – and in a Class of Her Own: Christa Ludwig (1928-2021)
Ottavia’s Torment (Christa Ludwig) I never had the privilege of experiencing Christa Ludwig perform live. But I saw her year after year in the audience of the Salzburg Festival. Statuesque, elegant, attractive and humble, this true operatic diva was content
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Forgotten Pianists: Sergio Fiorentino
“The only other pianist” – Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli “Recently I listened to a pianist on the radio who impressed me very much: Sergio Fiorentino, do you know him?” – Vladimir Horowitz It takes a musical genius to be such highly
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