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Walkin’ Round the World
Multicultural Folk Music Traditions From Various Places With all this talk of a globalized society it is easy to forget that we are surrounded by the timeless beauty and grace of countless multicultural folk music traditions. That rich ethnic heritage
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Musical Definitions with a Twist
John Parry’s Manual of Musical Terms and Various Other Subjects Connected with Music Art The English actor, pianist, artist, comedian, songwriter and singer John Orlando Parry (1810-1879) started his career as a singer, harpist, and pianist. He knew and sang
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Practice vs Sight Reading – What’s the Difference?
The pressure of sight reading can seem a lot like a bad date: unpleasant surprises, sweaty palms and awkward silences can be just as common across the dinner table as when fumbling through an unfamiliar piece of music. Thankfully, although
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The Greatest Composers of Film Music
Saint-Saëns, Breil, Steiner and Korngold
I am just an ordinary city girl, and one of the greatest joys during the burning hot day of summer is a visit to my local cinema. Sitting in a comfy chair in a chilled air-conditioned room with a huge
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History of Classical Music
Minority Report
The history of classical music is essentially populated and written by Caucasian white males. Everybody knows the names Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but do you know Margaret Bonds, Eleanor Alberga, Bright Sheng, Isang Yun, Priti Paintal and
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Performing Artistry of Ukraine
Top Pianists and Violinists
The Ukrainian lands have given rise to some of the most exceptionally gifted artists on the planet. Steeped in musical traditions established well over 1,000 year ago, Ukrainian composers and performers have significantly contributed to the world of classical music.
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When Opera Houses, Art Museums, and Concert Halls Are Imperiled by War
Freedom Square in the heart of Kharkiv, Ukraine houses the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Kharkiv Philharmonic concert hall, and numerous universities and government buildings. On March 1st, the square, the second largest city square in Europe, became the
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How to Practise Music
A Pocket-Sized Guide by Andrew Eales
The expression “small but perfectly formed” is rather over-used, but in the case of this new book How to Practise Music (Hal Leonard) it is entirely apt. Written by Andrew Eales, a highly respected British music educator, piano teacher and
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