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Persistence and the Concept of ‘Grit’
How many times were you told as a child or teenager during your piano lessons that “practice makes perfect”? It’s a well-worn cliché and like most clichés it contains more than a grain of truth. Not only does regular practice
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Why the Piano Is My Favourite Instrument
When people learn that I’m a pianist, they usually say “oh I’d love to learn the piano” or “I wish I’d kept up piano lessons”. The piano is one of the most popular instruments to learn, especially for children as
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Perceiving Music
This article addresses the elephant in the room; music genres. And questions the whole concept of labelling art and music. For starters, let’s stop talking about classical music, jazz music, popular music, folk music, and let’s try to perceive music,
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The Best Performances
“Flower Duet” by Delibes
One of the most famous duets in all of opera comes from Lakmé composed by Léo Delibes. The opera is set in British India during the late 19th century and was first performed in 1883. It brings together many popular
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Music and Bows and Clothes: Oh My!
More Musician Mishaps
It’s hard to believe how many hilarious behind-the-scenes mishaps we musicians experience. Afterwards, once we’ve recovered from the embarrassment, we love to share these stories at parties! My friend cellist Clay Ruede recently told me this one: He was playing
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Death Brings Success
It seems that the human ear needs time to accommodate and accept the new, the different and the strange. Actually, all senses seem to need some sort of reflection and acceptance from the heart, and the brain. A mid-life adult
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6 Reasons Why Musicians Should Use Social Media
Social media, especially platforms like Twitter and Facebook, get a bad press, but it is also a force for good, which offers musicians opportunities to create meaningful interactions with other musicians, connect with potential and existing audiences, and promote their
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Serenades and Symphonies
We think of serenades like lullabies – songs to put you in a sleepy mood and to help carry you off into dreams. Serenades, however, are from a different source – they’re not designed to lull you to sleep like
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