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Composing 2.0
The Purpose of Computers in the World of Creative Music
Throughout the history of music, there have been a couple of events and inventions that have revolutionised both how music was created and how it was experienced. The invention of musical notation, the keyboard and later the piano, the development
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Ten Movies About Musicians
Classic films such as Amadeus, Immortal Beloved, and Lisztomania have brought the stories of our legendary composers to life. While these movies are known widely, I want to share some lesser-known movies about the music world that you might want
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Let People Enjoy Music
I review classical music and jazz concerts. My editor says you are not a critic, do not critique the music or the performance. While sometimes I come close to critiquing the music; I hold back. But other times, there’s an
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Why Stravinsky Is the Most Rock’n’Roll of All Composers
Music takes a whole new meaning when seen in writing; when taken its soul away, and when left to simple ink on paper. Out of their physical contexts, musical ideas are perceived differently. This separation of physical and spiritual allows
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Dragging Mozart into the 21st Century
In the 21st Century, pop stars—real, imagined or virtual—are a dime a dozen. In 250 years will we see their faces printed on chocolates, dishtowels, coffee cups and all kinds of digital media? I suspect that the great majority will
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Piano Rhapsodies
A rhapsody is a one-movement, episodic work, often featuring a contrasting moods, colours and tonalities, with a distinct air of spontaneity and improvisation. In these respects, the Rhapsody is related to the Fantasia or Fantasy or Ballade. Perhaps the most
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Music & Language: An Analogy
I often describe music as a language; it is in my opinion the purest of all. As are its intentions and purpose. This is how I approach creating and performing music; as a means to exchange my ideas and feelings.
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The Self-Coached Musician
I’m not that interested in sport, but I did watch the Olympic cycling from Tokyo this year. I was surprised to discover that the Austrian cyclist Anna Kiesenhofer, who won the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics women’s road race,
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