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Piano, Guitar: The Co-Parents of Music
The guitar and the piano. From a composer’s point of view they are both small-sized orchestras; although one slightly more portable than the other. They have been used by musicians, and particularly composers — unstoppably since their invention, and for
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Exceptional Amateur Pianists
Alan Rusbridger, journalist and former editor-in-chief of The Guardian newspaper, gave us some fascinating insights into the world of the amateur pianist in his 2013 book ‘Play It Again’ – a world hitherto regarded by many as the realm of
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How to Get Back in Shape as Live Concerts Begin Again: Gradually
GRADUAL RETURN Now that live concerts are becoming more of a reality, I’ve been approached by several musicians about how to safely return to playing after a hiatus without injuring ourselves. It’s essential to return gradually. Begin with 10 minutes.
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The Passion in Classical Music
If there is one art form that wears its passion on its sleeve, it is classical music. Images of conductors in full flight have become the go-to photos and videos for people who are looking to express visually the passion
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The Best Performances
“Casta Diva” by Vincenzo Bellini
Vincenzo Bellini (1801-1835) was the undisputed master of writing gorgeous melodies. Sensuous in expression and pure in style, Bellini was closely connected with the “bel canto” style of the great singers of his day. In his music, he always looked
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Let’s Celebrate Popular Classical Pieces
In 2020, Ralph Vaughan Williams’ ‘The Lark Ascending’ topped Classic FM’s Hall of Fame as Britain’s most favourite piece of classical music. And it’s not the first time this piece has topped a poll of listeners – in fact it’s
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Conductors Caricatured
To the outsider, the conductor looks as though he holds the oddest position in the orchestra – he may be the focus of the audience’s attention, but the orchestra barely seems to look at him. He turns his back to
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Upcycling Pianos
In our last article on this topic, we looked at orchestral instruments, but omitted the most versatile of them all, the piano. The piano offers a world of upcycling possibilities and in a number of different media. First, let’s look
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