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Composers and Super-Stars Can Be Normal People
For audience members, it’s difficult to imagine musicians anywhere other than on the stage wearing their tails or long gowns, looking serious, playing music with utmost concentration. I remember walking to my car after an evening concert, in my lumpy,
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Four-Hand Piano Works From Latin America II
I am always fascinated with the sounds of Latin American music, and as a pianist, I enjoy discovering more works from Latin America. We have explored four-hand piano music by Méndez, Guastavino, Villa-Lobos and Lacerda last time. Let’s continue to
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‘Classical Music – Saviour of the Burnt Out?’
The previous article (Einaudi: The Saviour of Classical Music) was a provocation designed to explore the relationship of a new generation of people to a flourishing genre of music based around relaxing solo piano. Because of the requirements of word
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Dance, Dance, Dance: The Quadrille
You might know the Quadrille as a dance from Alice in Wonderland. When she’s speaking with the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon, they tell her about the dance they used to perform at school, when they were learning the fundamentals
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How Do Recording Sessions Work?
Things That Actually Happen in the Recording Studio The world of session recordings can seem quite mysterious from the outside. What actually happens in the recording studio, and how is it to work as a musician in a recording session?
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The Greatest Composers of Film Music
From John Williams to Tan Dun
Do you know the answer to the question as to which film score the American Film Institute considers the greatest film score of all time? I am sure you can hazard a pretty good guess, but just in case, the
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Four-Hand Piano Works From Latin America I
Latin American music is a broad term: it encompasses a variety of styles and often combines elements of folk and indigenous music, African rhythms, and traditional western European music. We may be aware of several famous Latin American composers of
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Ludovico Einaudi: Saviour of Classical Music
Oh go on, get over it. You clicked on it, you’re ready to scoff and get angry, and you’re sceptical as shit about anything I could write that might convince you to think otherwise. But let me invite you for
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