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My Beethoven by Rob
Is there anyone who does not know the name of Beethoven? Beethoven might just be the universal word for classical music. His contemporaries thought so much of him that in 1877, Dr. Ludwig Nohl published a book titled Beethoven Depicted
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The Best Performances
“O mio babbino caro” by Giacomo Puccini
Without doubt, Giacomo Puccini scored an all-time hit with his aria “O mio babbino caro.” Just about everybody knows this famous melody, and it has been performed by some of the most illustrious singers of our time, not to mention
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The Curious Pleasures of LPs
My son (22) amused me when he told me recently that one of the reasons why he liked LPs was “because of the crackles”. For someone who has grown up in the digital age, with almost unlimited access to superb-quality
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On My Music Desk……
Ravel – Tombeau de Couperin
Popular in concert programmes and a staple of the pianist’s repertoire, Ravel’s Tombeau de Couperin is the last work he wrote for solo piano. It cleverly melds his sensibilities with a full appreciation of his Baroque antecedents, notably the brilliant
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Listen to the Best of Baroque Music This Christmas!
It’s going to be a very different Christmas this year. That stupid Corona virus is everywhere, and so many things we associate with the Christmas season won’t happen. There won’t be much mall shopping, meeting with friends, dining or partying,
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Reconverted Musicians
How Working in a Different Art Field Shaped These Composers’ Music Uniquely?
While some composers are famous for having previous non-musical careers — the most recent and famous example being Glass, who has been amongst others, a taxi driver, a mover and a plumber. However in many of these cases, the primary
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Challenging Technical Perfection
“my jump is not high enough, my twists are not perfect, I can’t place my leg behind my ear…..Sometimes there is such an obsession with the technique that this can kill your best impulses. Remember that communicating with a form
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My Journey Through Classical Music
I have to say, it is rather uncommon for people of my age to be classical music aficionados. I was not born into a musical family and neither of my parents learnt classical music. There wasn’t much music in my
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