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Selected Works by Three Latina Composers
The music culture in Latin America is vibrant and fascinating. Unfortunately, the music of Latin America tends to get pigeonholed by a few common characteristics while in reality, the musical features vary throughout the countries of Latin America. Women composers
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Walkin’ round the World Again
Ensembles and Bands That Preserve and Evolve Ancestral Musical Expressions It is a horrifying fact, but as many as half of the world’s 7,000 languages are expected to be extinct by the end of this century. “The effect of language
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More Than a Double Quartet: The Joy of the String Octet
The string quartet, made up of 2 violins, viola, and a cello, was one of the great developments of musical genre. With these three instrumental sounds, an entire world of music was created. One writer compared it to four intellectuals
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How to Improve Your Sight Reading
While it’s true that good sight readers often have a solid technique to back themselves up, sight reading is a skill that needs care and attention in its own right. The method to improving sight reading is a long journey,
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The Greatest Composers of Film Music
Satie, Ibert, Tailleferre, Milhaud and Honegger
I was still too young to actually see the first “Tomb Raider” film release in 2001. But when I first watched it some years later, I thought it was the biggest thing since the invention of the handbag. Finally, there
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Piano Repertoire
Ludwig van Beethoven
It has never been a big secret, but the piano is definitely my favorite instrument. For me, no other instrument possesses that kind of versatility. Actually it’s ideal as a means of musical expression for both the amateur and the
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Thinking About Returning to the Piano?
Here are some tips to help you on your piano journey It may be two years or twenty since you last touched a piano, but however long the absence, taking the decision to return to playing is exciting, challenging and
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The Post-Covid Opera
We were thinking about what post-COVID opera might be like. Can we really go back to operas with parties with women coughing themselves to death in the corner (La Traviata), with false doctors (any number of operas from 1730 forward)?
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