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Oh, Those Naughty Musicians! Backstage Puns
Musicians are very creative people. So creative, that when we get bored backstage, when we are waiting on tour for a bus or plane, when we pause while a conductor decides if he or she wants it louder or softer,
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Musicians’ Responses to the Coronavirus Woes
Some Smiles and Suggestions
You can always count on musicians for a much-needed smile and some solutions, even during this global pandemic. The Coronavirus Etude—For Piano and Disinfecting Wipe is a must for all piano teachers. To be played Molto RUB-ato, and Molto Detergere.
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Cats and Dogs in Concerts—Oh My!
When I was a student at The Aspen Music Festival and School, the conductor and music director at the time, Jorge Mester, brought his fluffy English Sheepdog to rehearsals. The enormous dog loved to stretch out on the podium while
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My Beethoven by Janet
Beethoven: Cello Sonata No. 3 in A major, Op. 69 – I. Allegro ma non tanto (Janet Horvath, cello; Arthur Rowe, piano) I grew up with Beethoven. From my earliest years I remember the scowling white plaster bust on our
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Staying Healthy: On Tour
Touring is almost an inevitable aspect of many freelance musicians’ lives. Whether it’s a long or short trip away, time spent away from home can quickly take its toll. Lots of short journeys away make home seem like a pit
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More Concert Capers
When the conductor walks on stage everyone has to be tuned and poised for the downbeat. It can come unpredictably fast. You never know if the Maestro will milk the applause for all it’s worth as they step onto the
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The Prodigal Pianist
The adult ‘returner’ pianist I’m a returner pianist – and maybe, if you’re reading this article, you are too and therefore what follows will resonate with you. Or perhaps you are thinking of taking up the piano again after a
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My Beethoven by Oliver
Unlike many of my colleagues who grew up around Beethoven, either by hearing him in the home or studying his piano music, I managed to (unintentionally) avoid him for a long time, only really discovering Beethoven as I embarked on
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