October, 2013

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ChopinFantasy in F minor, op. 49 Tarantella in A flat major, op. 43 Scherzo in B flat minor, op. 31 Barcarolle in F sharp major, op. 60 Berceuse in D flat major, op. 57 Etude in C minor, op. 10
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Maria Vlasova plays Mozart: Andante F-Dur für Orgel KV 616
Maria Vlasova will be performing at the Canterbury Festival.
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In touch with Patricia Kopatchinskaya
Violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaya was born in Moldova in 1977. In some sense she is the epitome of the modern high-profile touring musician, with concerts in Linz, Vienna, London, Brussels and Tokyo alone in the next few months performing concerti with
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Musicians who learn a new melody demonstrate enhanced skill after a night’s sleep
Study also finds that gains in speed and accuracy declined after sleep among musicians who practiced the day before on two similar melodies one after another
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Nostitzsches Nationaltheater
If you are a connoisseur of classical music and an opera buff, today’s trivia question is going to be child’s play. Here it goes: What is the only theater still standing today in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart personally performed? Will
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Viktoria Mullova and Matthew Barley play the Kodaly Duo
Matthew Barley will be performing at the Canterbury Festival.
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‘It’s Too Damn Loud! It’s Too Damn Fast!!’:
Morton Feldman
These words would commonly be heard issuing from the mouth of the composer at a rehearsal for one of his pieces. And if you’ve ever heard the music of Morton Feldman, you’d probably understand why. Feldman’s music is more often
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HoneggerSuite archaïque H. 203 Monopartita in F sharp minor H 204 Symphony No. 3 (“Liturgique”), H. 186 Performed by Paul Sacher, conductor Walter Stoschek, conductor Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion Française Orchestre Philharmonique de Dresde Recorded in 1952 – 1953
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