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Exercises in the lofty French style
Franz Liszt and Assorted
Devastated by having been forbidden to see his first sexual conquest and true love Caroline de Saint-Cricq ever again — her father had rather unceremoniously suggested that the boy take his Bohemian behind somewhere else — Franz Liszt seriously contemplated
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Let’s get the Party started!
Franz Liszt and Caroline de Saint-Cricq
One of the foremost musical personalities and arguable the greatest virtuoso of his day, Franz Liszt (1811-1886) expanded the technical limits of the piano and the performer in both his own playing and in his compositions. However, what really distinguished
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Franz Liszt versus Sigismond Thalberg
The culture of the traveling virtuoso, so prevalent in the first half of the nineteenth century and clearly reincarnated in today’s concert environment in which pianists like Lang Lang play more than 300 concerts a year, brought forth a unique
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Liszt: Via Crucis
Station II, Jesus trägt sein Kreuz Maîtrise Notre Dame de Paris David Selig, piano Nicole Corti, conductor From Liszt: Via Crucis (2011) Released by Saphir Productions Liszt: Station II, Jesus trägt sein Kreuz Stations of the cross or Way of
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