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Hummel Fools Field
In his day, Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837) was considered the greatest pianist in Europe. Even Chopin, who wasn’t particularly forthcoming with praise of other composers, wrote in a letter “such great masters as Mozart, Beethoven and Hummel, the masters of
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Johann Nepomuk Hummel
Johann Nepomuk Hummel (November 14, 1778 – October 17, 1837) was an Austrian composer and virtuoso pianist. His music reflects the transition from the Classical to the Romantic musical era. Hummel was born in Pressburg, Hungary (now Bratislava, Slovakia), the
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Hummel: Piano Concerto no.3
Stephen Hough, piano Piano Concerto no.3 in B minor, Finale-Vivace From Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Piano Concerto in A Minor and B Minor (1992) Released by Chandos Hummel: Piano Concerto no.3 A wonderful concerto unfortunately seldom performed, beautiful recording by Stephen
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