Science has been described as the music of the intellect, and music as the science of the heart. Music, in fact, is both an art and a science. The relationships between science and music are manifold and combine physics and mathematics with physiology and neurology. Thanks to science we know how sounds are generated, and the science of musical instruments has always been part of the evolution of music. On the other hand, the practice of music helps to develop emotional intelligence, and music is frequently used for its psychotherapeutic effect or as music therapy.

“Every illness is a musical problem,”

writes the poet Novalis,

“its healing, a musical solution.”

Science also attempts to understand the psychological relationship between music and emotion. Although the associations between music and emotion differ among individuals, music has a direct connection to emotional states present in human beings. The power of science has been able to uncover the connections between music and happiness, music and madness, and music and genius! The science of the 21st century also helps us to translate notes and chords into visual images, as virtual reality explores the intersection between intellect and emotion. Science can explain music, but only intellect and emotion can create it.

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