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Violin Concerto of Renewed Passion
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Yosif Kotek II
The world of Classical and Popular music is numerously populated by compositions that openly celebrate courtship, love, sex, and marriage. Equally numerous, although less overtly advertised, are works that exult in the suspension of a partnership, the break-up of a
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Tchaikovsky Again?
BBC Music Magazine asked ten critics to name the masterpieces they found most boring – a good trick to create buzz and drive forum discussions. How then do you qualify a boring masterpiece? For that matter, if the piece is
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Valse-Scherzo of Lust
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Yosif Kotek
Yosif Kotek with Tchaikovsky The interaction between teacher and student, at its most fundamental level, might be described as the attempt to forge a meaningful relationship to the past. This relationship depends on the extent to which it takes traditions
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The Cup of Water that Took Away Tchaikovsky
Given the way medical advancements have significantly prolonged life expectancies around the world, it is hard to imagine that old-age diseases such as cholera are still affecting people in our world today. The 2010s cholera epidemic that hit Haiti has
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