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Gustav Mahler: Fünf Lieder nach Rückert (Rückert Songs)
Friedrich Rückert was professor of Oriental languages at the University of Erlangen and Berlin. A master of more than thirty languages, he principally made his name with a number of highly esteemed translations of Oriental poetry. However, he also started
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Minors of the Majors
Gustav Mahler: Piano Quartet in A Minor
“Minors of the Majors” invites you to discover compositions by the great classical composers that for one reason or another have not reached the musical mainstream. Please enjoy, and keep listening!
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Composers as Kids: Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler, the grandest symphonist of his age, was born in July 1860 in the village of Kaliště, in the present-day Czech Republic. His background was not particularly artistic. His father Bernhard had grown up labeling bottles in his family’s
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Gustav Mahler: Songs on the Death of Children
There can be nothing more tragic to a parent than the loss of a child. Imagine the grief of the German poet Friedrich Rückert, who lost two of his children to scarlet fever within a period of six months. Attempting
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Mahler: Songs
Lieder und Gesange aus der Jugendzeit Book 3: No. 2. Ablosung im Sommer From Mahler: Songs (2014) Released by Harmonia Mundi Mahler: Lieder und Gesange aus der Jugendzeit – Book 3: No. 2. Ablosung im SommerCan one really grasp the
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Between Mahler and Gropius
Oskar Kokoschka and the Alma Doll
When Gustav Mahler died in 1911, his widow Alma first sought comfort in the arms of her already-lover Walter Gropius. However, Alma still harbored resentment that Gropius had intentionally misaddressed an envelope and thus exposed their affair to Gustav. In
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From Purcell to Mahler:
Britten, Purcell and Mahler
Besides studying and emulating the works of 20th century composers, Benjamin Britten became increasingly fascinated by English music of the late 17th and early 18th centuries, most notably the music of Henry Purcell. He wrote, “One of my chief aims
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Mahler’s Dumplings
Gustav Mahler: Symphony 1, “Feierlich and gemessen” When Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) took up his conducting appointment in the city of Olmütz, located in the Moravian region of the Czech lands, everybody thought he was a rather odd duck. According to
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