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At The Beginning: Mahler’s Symphony No. 1
For every composer, the first work of a series is a serious undertaking. For the composers who followed Beethoven, the symphony was a particularly daunting mountain. Gone were the days of a composer writing hundreds of symphonies: Haydn wrote 106,
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Mahler: Kindertotenlieder
Premiered Today in 1905
Alma Mahler severely took her husband Gustav to task for composing a series of orchestral songs on texts dealing with the death of children. Merely two weeks after the birth of their second child, Alma found it incomprehensible and feared
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Mahler: Lied von der Erde
Premiered Today in 1911
In the summer 1907, Gustav Mahler’s mother in law suffered a mild heart attack. When the district physician was called to examine her, Gustav Mahler invited the physician to also take a look at him. To everyone’s surprise, Mahler was
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Mahler: Symphony 7
Premiered Today in 1908
While putting the finishing touches on the menacing finale of his Sixth Symphony in the summer of 1904, Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) also drafted two central “Nachtmusiken” (Music of the Night) that would eventually become the second and fourth movements of
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Sinfonia (1968)
Gustav MAHLER 10 Frühe Lieder (orch. Luciano BERIO)
Aus “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” Um schlimme Kinder artig zu machen From Sinfonia (1968) Gustav MAHLER 10 Frühe Lieder (orch. Luciano BERIO) (2016) Released by Harmonia Mundi Mahler: Aus “Des Knaben Wunderhorn” – Um schlimme Kinder artig zu machen ‘It seems
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Behind the Curtain
Driving under the influence of Mahler
It all started with Hector Berlioz and his Evenings with the Orchestra! A group of bored musicians are stuck in a small town playing overrated operas. With nothing else to do, they tell tales, read stories and exchange gossip about
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Mahler beyond the Couch
The 2010 film “Mahler on the Couch” provided a fictional reconstruction—dressed up as a grand historical drama—of the famous therapy session involving Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler! We do know that the meeting actually did take place, but how did
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Gustav Mahler: Fünf Lieder nach Rückert (Rückert Songs)
Friedrich Rückert was professor of Oriental languages at the University of Erlangen and Berlin. A master of more than thirty languages, he principally made his name with a number of highly esteemed translations of Oriental poetry. However, he also started
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