Polish Piano Quintets

polish quintet

Juliusz Zarębski
Piano Quintet in G minor Op. 34
Scherzo. Presto

From Polish Piano Quintets (2012)

Released by CD Accord

Juliusz Zarębski: Piano Quintet in G minor Op. 34 – Scherzo. Presto

In 1935, at the peak of the neoclassical period, the Piano Quintet in G minor Op. 34 by Juliusz Zarębski was published. Better late than never! The Quintet was written at the beginning of 1885, during the period of convalescence of the composer (who suffered from tuberculosis) in his home town of Żytomierz. The Quintet was the last and the most outstanding masterpiece written by Zarębski, who died in September of this same year at the age of 31. Zarębski was a member of the 19th century guild of composers and virtuosos. Extremely talented, he studied piano and composition in Vienna and Petersburg. He composed mainly salon and virtuoso music for the needs of his numerous tournées; the most famous collection is called Roses and thorns (Róże i ciernie). The great talent of Zarębski is reflected in the opinions of Franz Liszt, who had seen in him not only the great virtuoso (sharing the interest in a two-keyboard piano with the maestro from Weimar), but also a deeply sensitive composer. Liszt insisted that Zarębski should seriously devote himself to composing. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Quintet was dedicated to Liszt.

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