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Enrique Granados: Transcending Nationalism
Composers working at the turn of the 20th-century are frequently categorized as nationalists. And Spain produced three prominent composers that seemingly fit this narrow description. Isaac Albéniz composed vibrant piano works of Lisztian difficulty and Iberian color, while Manuel de
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Drowning in Passion
Enrique Granados and Clotilde Godó Pelegrí
On 28 July 1894, Amparo gave birth to the first of their six children. With his family rapidly expanding, Enrique was desperately trying to secure a steady source of income. Various applications to conservatories in Barcelona and Madrid came to
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Catalan Passion
Enrique Granados and Maria de los Desamparados Gal y Lloveras
When pianist Enrique Granados (1867-1916) first appeared on stage on 20 April 1890, critics were simply ecstatic! “Granados will be one of the great artists who always seek applause in pure art, without flashiness and cheap concessions.” Praising the young
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Enrique Granados
Chopin of Spain When Enrique Granados (1867–1916) drowned in the English Channel trying to save his wife 100 years ago, the musical world lost an extraordinary poet of the piano. “His hands stroke the keys with a delicacy, with a
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Piano Quintets – Enrique Granados / Joaquin Turina
Piano Quintet in G minor op.49 III. Largo – Molto presto From Piano Quintets – Enrique Granados / Joaquin Turina (2015) Released by Harmonia Mundi Granados: Piano Quintet in G minor op.49 – III. Largo – Molto prestoTwo masterpieces awaiting
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Granados Goyescas Valses Poéticos
El Fandango de candil Luis Fernandos Pérez, piano From Granados Goyescas Valses Poéticos (2011) Released by Harmonia Mundi Granados: El Fandango de candil The Goyescas of Enrique Granados, inspired by the Madrid of Goya’s time which the painter immortalised with
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