Destination New York



If you’ve ever visited the place that many people consider the centre of the known universe then you’re familiar with its vibrant downtown, its meditative Central Park, the way the city buzzles, and sizzles, and then sometime is the perfect place for a walk around the block. It’s New York, of course, and in this playlist, we start you up in the early morning, take you dancing, and then we’re off to a piano bar for a bit of night music.


you arrive and the city is at your feet:
Bernstein: On the Town, Act II: New York, New York
Zawodnik: The Suspended Pond in Central Park
Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story: IV. Mambo
Bogdanović: New York Afternoon



Time to slow down?
Thompson: Seasons of New York: Summer: I. Hudson River
Visotzky: American Siesta
Copland: Quiet City Suite

perhaps a concert or a show?
Ives: Central Park in the Dark
Duke: Autumn in New York
Ives: Romanzo di Central Park
And, then, as the season changes, all those memories:

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