Destination Cairo

The Giza Plateau with Cairo

The Giza Plateau with Cairo

Cairo – the ancient and modern city. One side of the river are the modern buildings of today, and on the outskirts of town is the Giza plateau with the familiar pyramids and the sphinx. The city itself is a mix of modern roads and dusty pathways threading through walled passages, and so our music reflects that old/new mix.


You arrive and the country is at your feet:
Rabaud: Marouf, savetier du Caire (Marouf, Cobbler of Cairo), Act III, Scene 2: Dances
Burki: Weltreise Suite (World Journey Suite): IV. Cairo
Handel: Once We Were Slaves
Strauss II: Egyptischer, Op. 335

Time to slow down, and perhaps a nap?
Courson: Symphonie Egyptienne (after Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, K. 183)
Haydn: L’incontro improvviso, Hob. XXVIII: 5: Act II: Ma come arrivaste qui in Cairo?
Massenet: Thaïs, Act II: Meditation

Perhaps a concert or a show?
Fleischer: The Ballad of Expected Death in Cairo
Mozart: L’oca del Cairo, K. 422: Duet: Così si fa
Warren: Abram in Egypt
Rossini: Mosé in Egitto: Act III: Dal tuo stellato soglio

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