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Das Rheingold in Thailand
The International Ring, part 1
Das Rheingold is a tale of greed and gold, unfulfilled promises and threats of destruction, culminating in a grand vision of Valhalla, somewhat tainted by how it was achieved. Over all hangs the ring and its destructive curse. In early
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An Introduction to East meets West – featuring Jonathan James
Now well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, we well and truly live in a global age. News breaks across the globe within minutes; we enjoy food from the other side of the planet in our own kitchens;
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Bach and Beyond – Avi Avital and Mahan Esfahani at the Bristol Proms
I arrive into Bristol an hour early, so I grab a quick coffee in the bar of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, the recently-renovated landmark in Bristol’s cultural history. As I sit in the bar someone leans out a door
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Music Through Words
Wunderkind by Nikolai Grozni
It is rare to find books written by someone who is both a trained writer and musician, but Wunderkind is a fine example of such a novel. Bulgarian writer Nikolai Grozni not only holds an MFA in creative writing from
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Trio di Clarone at Wigmore Hall
Stepping into the cool foyer of Wigmore Hall in the middle of a blisteringly hot London day has the same effect as a chilled drink on a summer’s day: instantly cool and refreshing. Unfortunately, seeing as only bottled water was
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The 2014 Lufthansa Festival
In its 30th year, the 2014 Lufthansa Festival presented a variety of music heard in Britain during the early 18th century under the reign of the Georgian dynasty. There were many favourites on offer, such as Handel’s Coronation Anthems, Ode
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The Not-So-Grand “Grand Piano”
With a plot centred on a threat to a concert pianist – ‘Play one wrong note and you die’ – the film ‘Grand Piano’ sounded intriguing. The small but strong cast, starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack, made it seem
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Kissin’ Kissin
A few nights ago, Hong Kongers greeted the return of the prodigious Russian pianist, Evgeny Kissin, with pure rapture. It has been three years since his last visit, but music-lovers here have not at all forgotten about him. The fact
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