March, 2012

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Seeing with the Heart!
Antonio de Cabezón and Louisa Nuñez de Mocos
Antonio de Cabezón Tiento XXV de sexto tono Pavana Italiana The immediate consequence of a rather messy political game of conspiracy and intrigue involving his own mother saw Charles V ascend to the throne of both Castile and Aragon in
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Lera Auerbach
Russian-American composer and pianist Lera Auerbach is one of the most exciting new voices among today’s young composers. Characterized by its stylistic freedom and juxtaposition of tonal and atonal musical language, Auerbach’s music explores a wide range of forms and
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The Met’s Gleeful Baroque Mash-Up
THE Oxford English Dictionary defines a pastiche as “a medley of various ingredients; a hotchpotch, farrago, jumble.” The word is derived from the 13th-century Latin “pasticium,” a savory Mediterranean pie filled with whatever is left over in the kitchen. A
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Javier Perianes – Manuel de Falla/ from: Cuatro piezes españolas: Andaluza
Javier Perianes will be performing de Falla in HK on April 19th.
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Boosting China’s Cultural Power
One can’t help but notice the new major policy unveiled in 2011 and continuing well into 2012 – the supreme importance of strengthening Chinese culture. At the end of last year, President Hu published an essay in which he drew
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Leeds International Pianoforte Competition
Official Website Category: Piano Date: September 6 to 15, 2018 Country: United Kingdom
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In Classic vs. Modern Violins, Beauty Is in Ear of the Beholder
What gives a violin made by Stradivari or Guarneri del Gesù its remarkable sound? Researchers have examined the wood preservatives, varnish, even the effects of the Little Ice Age on the density of wood, for anything that might explain the
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9 Justice Drive
Admiralty, Hong Kong
A mere 15 years ago, Hong Kong proudly escaped the shackles of British colonial rule and happily pledged its allegiance to an even more aggressive ruler in the north. There were no cries for independence or democracy, no calls for
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