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Puccini: Edgar
Premiered Today in 1889
Here is the trivia question for today. Can you name the Puccini opera that the composer himself desperately wanted to forget? The answer is Edgar, and despite revising it repeatedly, Puccini eventually declared the work irredeemable. Edgar was Puccini’s second
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Minors of the Majors
Giacomo Puccini: Pezzo per pianoforte
“Minors of the Majors” invites you to discover compositions by the great classical composers that for one reason or another have not reached the musical mainstream. Please enjoy, and keep listening!
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Giacomo Puccini: Madame Butterfly
During the early part of the 17th century, Japan entered a period self-imposed isolation. Mindful of the rapid spread of Christianity among its peasants and suspecting foreign traders of preparing for a military invasion by Western powers, the Shogunate placed
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