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What’s with Bach
For over three centuries, Bach’s music has fascinated both musicians, composers and performers, and listeners. It seems like his music never ages and finds context in each century, generation after generation. Musicians from all genres—from classical to popular music—learn from
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J.S. Bach and J.J. Bach: Departure and Farewell
We always think of J.S. Bach as a thoroughly German composer and always in terms of his own family – who he married, how many children he had, what those children did – but we rarely think of him in
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Bach: Goldberg Variationen – Diego Ares
Goldberg Variations Aria From Bach: Goldberg Variationen – Diego Ares (2018) Released by Harmonia Mundi Bach: Goldberg Variations – AriaIn the thirty-two movements that make up the Goldberg Variations, Bach offers us a perfect equilibrium between structure, proportion, counterpoint and
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Bach: Christmas Oratorio (Annunciation to the Shepherds)
Premiered Today in 1734
One of the episodes in the Nativity of Jesus describes the annunciation to the shepherds, in which an angel tells a group of shepherds about the birth of Jesus. Initially, this was part of the broader Nativity scene, which also
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J.S. Bach: Cantata Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben, BWV 147
Premiered Today in 1723
Say what you want, but Johann Sebastian Bach certainly knew a good tune when he heard one! And he certainly was not shy reusing his own tunes when time was of the essence. Bach took up the position of Thomaskantor,
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Bach Makes a Joke: The Peasant Cantata
In 1742, Bach, late in his career, took a long look back at the music of his day and made such a thorough-going parody of it that we’re still not sure if he was making a social commentary or a
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Bach: St. John Passion
Premiered Today in 1724
It never fails to amaze that Johann Sebastian Bach was practically unknown during his early days. It took almost a year of negotiation, and the refusal of Georg Friedrich Telemann and Christoph Graupner, before the Kantor position at St. Thomas
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Bach: Cantatas for bass
Ich habe genug , BWV 82 III. Aria Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen From Bach: Cantatas for bass (2017) Released by Harmonia Mundi Bach: Ich habe genug , BWV 82 – III. Aria Schlummert ein, ihr matten AugenIn composing his
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