Bach J. C.

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Musicians and Artists: J. C. Bach, Carl Abel, and Thomas Gainsborough
Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) was the youngest of J.S. Bach’s eleven sons and made his career in London, where he was called the “English Bach.” Born when his father was 50 years old, he lived with his older half-brother C.P.E.
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Mapping the Musical Genome: The Bach Family
Johann Sebastian Bach was part of an extensive Saxon-Thuringian family that produced an unparalleled and almost incalculable number of musicians. From fiddlers and town musicians to organists, from Kantors, court musicians and Kapellmeisters, member of the Bach family extensively populated
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Missa da Requiem – Miserere – Johann Christian Bach
III. Sequenz – 1. Coro. Dies irae Lenneke Ruiten, soprano Ruth Sandhoff, alto Colin Balzer, tenor Thomas E.Bauer, bass RIAS Kammerchor Akademie Fur Alte Musik, Berlin Hans-Christoph Rademann, dir. From Missa da Requiem – Miserere Johann Christian Bach (2011) Released
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