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Clara Wieck-Schumann (1819-1896)
“A Woman’s Voice”
All too frequently, women composers in history have been made invisible by societal conventions and by unspoken gender bias. Barred from key opportunities and educational chances, female composers have firmly remained in the shadows of their male counterparts. In the
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Leopold Koželuch
Vying with Mozart for the Viennese connoisseurs Working as a contemporary musician and composer alongside Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven must have been a rather daunting task. Yet, a good number of critics and scholars considered Leopold Koželuch (1747-1818) the finer
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On This Day
20 March: Sviatoslav Richter Was Born
He was described as “a pianist with a technique that conquered almost every obstacle, a sound that commanded the colors of the rainbow and an intellect and imagination that permitted an authoritative grasp of possibly the largest repertory in pianistic
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Interview With Helmut Deutsch, Pianist
“I think one has certain ideals in performance which one attempts to reach” Helmut Deutsch ranks among the finest, most successful and sought-after song recital accompanists in the world. He was born in Vienna, where he studied at the Conservatory,
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Notes on the brain
Becoming a musician messes with your brain. But in a good way. The cognitive benefits that a musical training can produce are so diverse and impressive – improved visual, spatial, verbal, mathematical and motor skills, for instance – that you
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Les Femmes “Compositeurs”
Chamber Music by French Romantic Women Composers
Recently, the “Centre de musique romantique française” at the Venetian Palazzetto Bru Zane has released an impressive anthology of 165 compositions by French Romantic women composers. In essence, they have resurrected the memory of nineteenth-century French women composers that had
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
I really enjoy reading biographies of historical figures, authors, scientists, and musicians. And while it is fascinating to read a detailed description of a person’s life, biographies are not just presentations of facts and figures. We get to know a
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Have You Got a Minute?
Spectacular Transcriptions of Chopin’s “Minute Waltz”
Even people with no interest in classical music instantly recognized the famous “Minute Waltz” Op. 61, No. 1 by Frédéric Chopin. My mother, who never had any musical training, happily hums along as soon as she hears the first couple
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