Destination Hong Kong


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More so than any other city in China, Hong Kong has long been a symbol of the exotic other. As an English colony, it was a good place for the Westerner to visit because you knew that someone, somewhere would speak your language. Yet, you also knew that you were just a Western drop in a very large sea of Chinese-speakers. Some of the music in this list is by Hong Kong composers and some music is by people who have been influenced by Hong Kong – just like the city itself.


you arrive and the country is at your feet:
Hui: A Hong Kong Song
Luo: Queen’s Road East
Chan: 3650 Nights
Bryars: Made in Hong Kong



Time to slow down, and perhaps a nap?
Lam: The Homeward Boat
Chan: Looking Afar
Sheng: 4 Movements for Piano Trio: IV. Nostalgia



Perhaps a concert or a show?
Partch: The Bewitched: Scene 1: Background for the Transfiguration of American Undergrads in a Hong Kong Music Hall
Cosma: Hong Kong Flirt
Tanner: Fragrant Harbor (Hong Kong)
Winteregg: China Crossing: IV. Hong Kong
Chasins: Three Chinese Pieces: No. 3. Rush Hour in Hong Kong

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