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The Most Famous Classical Piano Pieces
The classical piano repertoire is extraordinarily broad and varied, with new pieces being added to it all the time to satisfy the appetites and tastes of pianists and audiences. Amidst this vast repertoire, there are pieces which are almost instantly
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Best Songs in D Major
I have always liked songs in D Major. To me, this key is full of confidence and victory. It is a very bright key used frequently for symphonies, marches and various choruses. It’s been called the “key of triumph, war-cries,
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Let’s Embrace 2021
The Most Uplifting Classical Tracks
However you look at it, 2020 was not the most cheerful year; and that’s an understatement for sure. It certainly was a wild ride, and we are all wondering what 2021 will have in store for us? It seems that
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Best Songs in E Minor
When it came to my favorite songs in G major, I had to think a bit to come up with the best song. I have absolutely no such trouble when it comes to the key of E minor, there are
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Hooray for the New Year: Welcoming in 2021
If there ever was a year that didn’t live up to its promise, it was 2020. Do you remember January? Do you remember February? You certainly remember March! The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Introspection became the order
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Exploring the Most Relaxing Classical Music Pieces for the Cello
The voice of the cello touches us deeply. Perhaps it speaks to us in a special way as it is the closest sound to the human voice. Due to the fantastic range of the cello, from the brilliant high tones
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The Sacred Celebration
Once you get away from the commercialization and implied coziness of Christmas, we come to the backbone of Christmas – the celebration and the reason why it’s a season of generosity and the family. Carols started out as basic songs
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Having A Merry Little Christmas
Christmas music comes in two varieties – the secular, which includes jingling bells and sleigh rides, and the sacred, which involves travel by donkey and stables, with the appearance of a few camels. The language of the secular Christmas, even
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