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Baroque Composers
10 Greatest Masters of Baroque Music
If I could take only one style of music to a deserted island it would have to be Baroque music. Music written during that period is full of drama and energy, and it can be very intimate or simply grandiose.
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More Fugues and Other Musical Charms
From Handel to Bruckner
In his seminal study on counterpoint and fugue, Alfred Mann writes, “There is probably no branch of musical composition in which theory is more widely, one might almost say hopelessly, at variance with practice than fugue.” Basically, Mann is telling
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Fugues and Other Musical Charms
From Bach to Shostakovich
Among the most feared course requirements for many aspiring composers and students of music is a class simply labeled “Fugue.” And it’s no wonder, as a good many universities that still teach this kind of skills will ask you to
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Romantic Classical Music
A famous writer once said, “Music is the most romantic of all arts.” And then he goes on to say that it “unlocks an unknown realm, a word with nothing in common with the surrounding outer worlds of the senses.
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Your 21st-Century Classical Music Playlist for Moon Festival
In the last article, I introduced some moon-related music of the 20th century. In this article, I will introduce some moon-theme music written in the 21st century. These pieces span a variety of styles, instrumentation, and writing techniques. Written by
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Your 20th-Century Classical Music Playlist for Moon Festival
Moon festival is coming! Moon-theme music has been popular among composers and audience for centuries. This is the first of two articles introducing some 20th and 21st -century works related to the moon. Perhaps you might want to add them
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From Schumann to Tsitsaros
Humoresque Encounters
In the early 19th century, the term “Humoreske” started to appear in popular periodicals. This period of history, known as Biedermeier in Central Europe, saw a great flourishing of artistic styles in literature, music, the visual arts and interior design.
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Johann Sebastian Bach Top 10
I love all kinds and styles of music, but my true love belongs to classical music. Whether it is Liszt or Mozart, Schubert or Handel, Monteverdi or Mahler, the universe of classical music seems endless. Sometimes my schoolmates want to
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