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Kit Armstrong’s Byrd & Bull – Lucid Yet Restrained Playing
Described as “the greatest talent he has ever encountered” by his mentor Alfred Brendel, Kit Armstrong is a British-Taiwanese pianist and one of the most versatile artists of his generation. He is a true polymath – he taught himself composition
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Hiroyuki Fujikake
“Aqua Rhythms”
Throughout human consciousness, the great rivers of this world have spiritually highlighted the paradoxical relationship between eternity and change. As metaphors for life itself, they simultaneously underscore all that is timeless and ephemeral in human experience and existence. Because rivers
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Pianist Rachel Cheung Dazzles the Audience With Her Artistry and Poetry
One of the most sought-after musicians in Hong Kong, pianist Rachel Cheung achieved worldwide acclaim after reaching the finals and winning the Audience Award in Van Cliburn Piano Competition in 2017. She gave a compelling recital entitled “Fantasies” on 31
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Review: Niu Niu’s Fate & Hope
It’s been more than one year, and we (the classical music industry included) continue to be impacted by the pandemic. I believe most, if not all, of you will agree with me that music is desperately needed especially in these
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Setting Repertoire in Context: Lang Lang and Bach
Following his double CD release of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Chinese superstar pianist Lang Lang has now released a 4-CD extended edition which includes bonus tracks of music by, attributed to, or influenced by J.S. Bach. “The more time I spent
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Variations – Clare Hammond, Piano
It’s a simple concept – a theme, or melody, initially stated in its original form, is put through a series of transformations, often quite complex and including textural, dynamic and key changes, to take player and listener on a fascinating
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Paul Wee – Sigismond Thalberg: L’art Du Chant
A conundrum which faces all pianists – professional, student or amateur – is how to make the piano, a percussive instrument whose sounds are created by hammers hitting strings, sing. Legato, the technique for creating a joined-up, singing or “cantabile”
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Fire & Water – Ji Liu
This recently released anthology of piano music comes two years after Ji Liu’s album of the same name and offers intermediate and advanced level pianists an opportunity to explore and play some of the pieces featured on Ji Liu’s recording,
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