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19 July: Webern’s Six Bagatelles for String Quartet Was Premiered
The German town of Donaueschingen is picturesquely located in the Black Forest in the State of Baden-Württemberg. It stands near the two sources of the river Danube, and it started to host a festival for contemporary classical music in 1921.
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Bringing the Past to the Future: Webern’s Passacaglia
In 1908, at the end of his 4 years of study in Vienna with Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern (1883-1945) wrote his Passacaglia, Op. 1. The passacaglia was invented in the early 17th century in Spain, but first found its way
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When Webern was Romantic: Im Sommerwind
Anton Webern (1883-1945) is best known to us as part of the Second Viennese School with his teacher Arnold Schoenberg and fellow-student Alban Berg. Before he was a radical atonal composer, however, he was a nice Romantic composer whose idol
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Anton Webern and Wilhelmine Mörtl
“If only grown-ups were like children, free from prejudice against everything new!” Anton Webern and Wilhelmine Mörtl, the daughter of his mother’s sister, were married in Danzig on 22 February 1911. They had kept their affair ingeniously secret until she
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Anton Webern
“Music is natural law as related to the sense of hearing” Throughout his short life—having been accidentally shot by an American soldier in 1945—the music of Anton Webern (1883-1945) was almost totally unknown. With the end of WWII, however, the
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