Forgotten Pianists: Jean Doyen

Jean Doyen

Jean Doyen

As with many pianists from France, Jean Doyen (1907-1982) attended the Paris Conservatoire, ending up as a student of Marguerite Long. He made his solo debut in 1924, but returned to the Conservatoire in 1926 for lessons in counterpoint and composition. From 1941-1977, he taught piano at the Conservatoire, taking the position held by Marguerite Long.

His interpretations of the classics of the 19th and 20th centuries French music were his point of fame, composers such as Gabriel Pierné, Reynaldo Hahn, Vincent d’Indy, Maurice Ravel, and Gabriel Fauré.

His style emphasized clarity and ease of technique that comes through clearly on this 1972 performance of Fauré’s waltz caprices.

Fauré: Complete Valses Caprices

And in this recording of Ropartz’ pieces about young girls, he captures the insouciance of the coquette.

Ropartz: Jeunes filles: III. La Coquette (Jean Doyen, piano)
As a solid student of the Conservatoire and an influential teacher, Doyen helped to create the French sound that dominated the 20th century French pianism.

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