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The Musical Fives
When we think of FIVE in relation to music, all sorts of things come to mind: our five fingers at the piano, the five Russian composers known as The Mighty Handful, and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, just for starters. Taking
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Don’t, Won’t, Can’t
Songs tell us about all sorts of things: love, the beauty of spring, and all about happiness. But there are lots of songs that just go to the negative. When we look at songs that say don’t, won’t or can’t,
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The Dark Hours: Music for Introspection
Sometimes we don’t want the brightly lilting tunes of a flute or the ecstatic runs of a violin or piano – our mood wants something slower, something sadder, something for the dark hours. Music not for melancholy but for introspection.
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Night Music
We don’t generally think of music as belonging to a certain time of day, although the next time my local classical station plays The Grand March from Aida at 6 am, I shall throw the radio across the room…but I
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The Showstopper–Classical Style
When you go to the opera, it’s for the spectacle, the vision, the sound, and the light. But it’s the music that’s the central part. In many operas, there’s the one aria or the one chorus that has to be
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Classical Music for Weddings
Having been to several weddings in the last six months and having celebrated my own nuptials earlier this month, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on wedding music in this article. I have often been asked to
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