Eliza Chiu

In Tune Arts
Art and Music: Julian Schnabel and Maria Callas

In 1982, American artist Julian Schnabel mixed what we might consider high and low culture in his four Maria Callas paintings. These highly abstract works, entitled Maria Callas #1, #2, #3, and #4, were painted on a beautiful dark red/purple

Capturing the ‘Sonorous Airs’ – Writing About Music

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture Oft quoted, frequently mis-attributed, this statement brilliantly captures the difficulty of writing about something abstract, what Ferruccio Busoni called ‘sonorous airs’ – the music itself. There’s an over-abundance of writing about music

Musicians for Troubling Times
#PandemicSurvivalPlans, Resources, and Hilarity

During social distancing, musicians and arts organizations are coming up with ways to continue to reach our audiences and our students. We also always resort to some silly games. Here are a few that my colleagues and I are engaging

Forgotten records
The Unheard Serenade: Wolf’s Sérénade italienne

The Austrian composer Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) was a superb song composer, bringing the late Romantic lied into the modern age and, with it, imbuing the lied with a new conciseness that was more a hallmark of Schoenberg’s Second Viennese School.

Artists Interviews
Creating Anew for the World We Want
An Interview with Işıl Bengi

Pianist Işıl Bengi left her home country of Turkey to attend conservatory in Belgium. As an ex-pat, she’s faced the problem of longing for home, but knowing that she must stay where she’s successful. To honor this dilemma, her new

The Composer

How does a person become a composer? What are the attributes you need to write music? Can music composition be taught, and perhaps more importantly, can it be learned? As many universities and schools around the world already teach music

The Future is Live(streaming)

Today is March 26th, 2020, the 15th day of a first self-imposed, and now state-imposed isolation period. And I’m already sick of the live-streaming pandemic that has hit us. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy solidarity as much as