Eliza Chiu

Music Can Heal You

Music fulfils a variety of functions today. It is used to communicate with and entertain audiences across the world. It is used as a means of social interaction, an instrument of instruction, artists use it to build inspiration for other

Six Weird Ways Nature Loves or Hates Music

On the surface, the way we create and respond to music seems like a fundamentally human trait. Music triggers all sorts of emotions; it makes us smile, laugh, cry, workout harder, reevaluate our lives.

Events Reviews
András Schiff – More of a Pianist Than a Conductor

Sir András Schiff returned to Hong Kong after 11 years, this time with his “family”, Cappella Andrea Barca, and performed Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 2 and Mozart’s Symphony No.39 for the first half of the programme, and Beethoven’s Piano Concerto

In Tune Society
Art in the Embattled City

The international news is full of reports of the battle of Hong Kong – students battling the government, destroying facilities, battling police, taking control of the streets – and yet, at the same time there’s another side. The streets may

Composers Anecdotes
Napoleon Bonaparte: “Do Not Shriek Like You Usually Do”

The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant military strategist, but the ability to hold a tune eluded him completely. Betsy Balcombe, a friend during his exile at Saint Helena writes in her Recollections. “In fact, Napoleon’s voice was most

China and classical music: an extraordinary story of growth

We have long been told that China holds the key to the future of classical music. As the West looks increasingly to the East, what impact will this have on the global musical community and the music we listen to?

Artists Interviews
Expanding Hong Kong’s Musical Possibilities
An Interview With Rumiko Hasegawa

After first shaking up our entire concept of opera by taking the audience out of its comfortable chairs and putting on a La Traviata that was more like modern life, Rumiko Hasegawa and More than Musical are looking to improving


As far as living legends of music go, for me, Steve Reich is pretty up there. A pioneer of minimalism, this New Yorker’s hypnotically enthralling music has been captivating people since his early days in the 1960s, and he shows