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Antoine Reicha (1770-1836): A forgotten visionary
“Music is as much a science and craft as it is an art” In his unpublished autobiography, probably dictated to his wife Virginie Enaust, Antoine Reicha summarizes his aesthetic outlook on music. He writes, “As I was both composer and
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Antoine Reicha and Ludwig van Beethoven
“We Could Not Stay Apart in Our Youth”
There are a variety of reasons why the exceptional composer and theorist Antoine Reicha (1770-1836) has been confined to the dusty pages of music history. For one, he brusquely turned his back on the performance and publication of his own
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Anton (Antoine) Reicha
“Ideas came to me with such rapidity” You most likely have come across the composer Anton (Antoine) Reicha (1770-1836) in a footnote in a book on Beethoven. They were teenage buddies in Bonn, and even played in the same orchestra.
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