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Ginastera: Concierto Argentino
Premiered Today in 1941
In the wide world of music, it is not always easy to determine what actually constitutes the premier performance. The process of introducing works to a wider audience is by definition a complicated one, and rather frequently a composition disappears
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The Taras Bulba of the Pampas: Ginastera’s Ollantay
Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983) was born in Buenos Aires and studied at the conservatory there. One of his best known students is the tango composer Ástor Piazzola, who studied with him in 1941. Ginastera was inspired by the life of Argentina,
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Romantic Collaborators of Alberto Ginastera
Mercedes de Toro and Aurora Natola
All great composers have one! And legacy composers have several! I am talking about biographies, offering basic facts about education, work, relationships, and possibly, analysis of the composer’s personality. Any detailed, scholarly or interpretive study of music starts with solid
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Alberto Ginastera
“The condensed voices of a whole country” In 2016 we celebrate the 100th birthday of Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983), considered one of the most important classical composers of the Americas! Continuously at odds with the repressive military dictatorship of his native
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Ginastera: La moza donosa
Daniel Barenboim, piano La moza donosa From Tangos Among Friends (1996) Released by Teldec Ginastera: La moza donosa Many classical musicians have tried to add different genres to their repertoire, whether it is jazz, blues, musicals or something else, but
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