Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

satisfaction guaranteed or money back imageJust about every product on sale in a modern supermarket offers consumers a money back guarantee. The concept is not new. It originated with the 18th-century entrepreneur Josiah Wedgewood as a marketing strategy to shift more goods. Since then, the money-back guarantee has become a major tool in the retail and traveling industries. If you don’t like the bag of peanuts you have purchased, or your flight was delayed for whatever reason, you can theoretically claim a full refund. Mind you, you’ll probably die of old age and spend 10 times the original amount of money in order to claim the refund, but at least you have a legitimate avenue to voice your dissatisfaction.

Interestingly, the concept of the money-back guarantee is now coming to classical music as well. At first glance, this offer sounds entirely gimmicky. Since performances are essentially interpretations and therefore subjective, you might not like a turn of phrase, disagree with the articulation, be dissatisfied with a vocal timbre, or hate the staging or costumes. It would be rather all too easy to find fault with any given performance! On second thought then, the money-back guarantee can’t really address the interpretive details of a given performance. Rather, it seems to be geared towards making sure high-profile performers—who do play up to 350 concerts a year—actually decide to show up on stage. All too frequently we pay ever-increasing ticket prices to sit through lethargic, uninspired and downright boring performances. In that sense, it’s actually refreshing to see a vocal trio announcing their performances in the following way. “If you are willing to buy the ticket, we are willing to put our hearts on our sleeves, put focus in our eyes, and put money where our mouths are. We guarantee that you will enjoy the show so much so that we will even give your money back if you do not break a laugh, tear or emotion. So come along and join us in the best night of song you will ever have!”

Hackneyed as it sounds, the money back guarantee might ultimately serve as a wake-up call. If booking agents and venues are forced to deal with the tedious mechanics of refunding money, they might think twice about re-engaging performers who simply go through the motions.

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