Need a Laugh? Fun With Musical Guessing Games

1. Which instrument cannot play this?

2. A Musician’s Grocery list.
On the way to the store the violinist had a Scarlatte, and made a Liszt. It includes BachChoy and ch-Ives. What else is he or she shopping for?

a. ______
b. ______
c. ______

3. Fill in the correct letter (A through F) corresponding to the correct notes written in these bars.

The violinist will have to ______ her groceries and hurry home to ______ her family.

In the store, much to her surprise, she met the conductor and made a tremendous ______ when she blurted, “maestro do you shop here too? I didn’t know you like cheerios, and pretzels.”

When she got home she ______ her son to help her unload the groceries. But he ignored her.

Honey. Didn’t you hear me? Are you ______?

He made a ______ and got up to help.

guess the music pieces

4. Can you read these messages? (Thank a music teacher if you can!)


Help! I’m in ______!
I ran over something ______
And now my tire is .
I need a ______ for the phone.
Do I need to ______ any of that?


So. I’m in ______ again.
The ______ of my throat hurts,
and I need to ______ my vocal ______
for three ______ weeks, or until it
feels ______ to sing again!

5. Can you guess the piece of music on this Chopin board by Frédéric Chopin?

Can you guess the piece of music on this Chopin board?

Hint: Here’s the music.

6. Some days after practicing this might happen! You’re pooped or in the case of this piece daunted by what comes next. Can you name the piece?

Chopin postcard, can you guess the piece?

Hint: Here’s the music.

7. Can you guess this piece?

Dvorak's cello concerto at cellist Peled house

Hint: Here’s the music.


1. Piano. The strings, winds and brass instruments can make a crescendo or increase in volume but a pianist cannot!

2. a. Egg;
b. Beef;
c. Cabbage

3. D; E; B; A; F; C

4. A. Treble, sharp; flat; quarter; repeat.
B. Treble; bass; rest; chords; whole; natural.

5. Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 11

6. Chopin’s Etude No. 23 in A Minor, Op. 25, No. 11, “Winter Wind”

Chopin wrote a set of études or studies early in his career in 1833. Several years later his opus 25 etudes a set of 12 studies, were dedicated to Marie d’Agoult, apparently Franz Liszt’s love-companion. The Winter Wind begins softly but soon becomes tumultuous, raging, and demands astonishing stamina, technique, and skill of the pianist. It is considered one of the most difficult to play. The études are brilliant musically too and a pleasure to listen to hence they’re frequently performed as encores on piano recitals.

7. Dvořák’s Cello Concerto opening bar. It’s the gate at cellist Amit Peled’s home!

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