After Kissing….. the Passionate Embrace !

tumblr_l9osllRLV91qdpmrfo1_1280When thoughts and actions turn to romance and passion, the only thing you really need is music! Why don’t you wrap yourself in the sensuous and seductive beauty of Mozart’s piano concerto; trust me, you will not be disappointed. Of course, if your motives are entirely goal oriented, Maurice Ravel can certainly point you in the right direction. Sarasate expertly knew how to fantasize — exaggerated hip movements and all — and Beethoven’s gentle musical conversation turns into a most passionate embrace. Since it generally takes two to tango, isn’t it nice to hear Clara Schumann’s passionate voice as well?

dont-make-love Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Andante” from Piano Concerto 21, K. 467
Maurice Ravel: Bolero
Pablo Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy
Ludwig van Beethoven: “Adagio” from Clarinet Trio Op. 11
Clara Schumann: “Leidenschaftlich” (Passionate) from 3 Romanzen, Op. 22

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