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Jenny Lee
Rachmaninov once said, ‘Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.’ Agree and disagree. Music is not enough for my appetite and I determine to lead several lives simultaneously.

Life No.1: Jenny as an international award-winning broadcaster. She is a bilingual presenter and producer on RTHK Radio 4, hosting ‘Four for Classics’ (Facebook: Four for Classics with Jenny Lee愛樂同盟), doing interviews, integrated arts and artsnews programs.  She produced several documentaries on music in HK and China, and the one on ‘Central Conservatory of Music- A true story of survival, striving and success’ won the World Bronze Medal at the 2010 New York Festivals. She is a writer for FM Magazine, occasionally involved in RTHK TV and being MC for major cultural events in HK for various arts institutions.

Life No.2: Jenny as a qin player. She played in HK, China and UK. She was featured in two documentary films on qin, produced by Deyin Qin Society. She presented a lecture-recital on qin at Royal Academy of Music’s York Gate Research Event. In 07/2009, she played and gave an introductory talk on qin at University of Hong Kong Summer Institute. Her qin teacher is Lau Chor Wah and she is now studying her part-time PhD on qin at University of Hong Kong, under  Daniel Chua and Chan Hing-Yan.

Life No.3: Jenny as a multi-media artist and arts educator. In 12/2009, she collaborated with HKDuo in a successful multi-media concert, ‘Duo and Duologue-in memory of Nadia Boulanger’, in which she was the director, scriptwriter, actress (as Nadia) and dancer. Since then, she has been directing several music-theatre productions. She loves working with young people. Since 2010, she has been teaching a postgraduate course on integrated arts at University of Hong Kong, SPACE and conducting music workshops for ‘Arts Ambassador-in-School Scheme’,  presented by HK  Arts Development Council and AFTEC.

Life No.4: Jenny as an arts-administrator. In 1/2011, She was awarded a WKCDA Fellowship to enter the ‘Advanced Cultural Leadership Program’, organised by University of Hong Kong and UK’s Clore Leadership. Since 2007, she has been listed in HK government’s ‘Central Personality Index’ by Home Affairs Bureau.

Life No.5: Jenny’s education. She started to learn qin, piano, ballet, drama, painting, and Chinese calligraphy at a young age. Having graduated from Kings College London with a First Class Honours degree in music with the Adam Undergraduate Prize, she gained a Masters in Piano Performance and LRAM from Royal Academy of Music in London, where she learnt piano with Aaron Shorr, Daniel-Ben Pienaar and Patsy Toh, wife of Fu’Tsong. She also enjoys yoga, reading and travelling.

How can I achieve all these? ‘Chances and choices,’ Joshua Bell told me in an interview.

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