Fabien Wallerand – Art of the Tuba

Fabien Wallerand (1979 – present): Viñales for Tuba Trio
Fabien Wallerand, Stéphane Labeyrie, Michel Godard, tubas

From Fabien Wallerand – Art of the Tuba (2011)

Released by Indésens

Fabien Wallerand: Viñales for Tuba Trio

“During a trip to Cuba and notably in the Viñales Valley, that has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and after having met people with extraordinary musical personalities, this melody came to my ear…”

Tuba is the brass instrument which has most evolved during the last decades, in terms of its manufacturing as well as its repertoire. Considered for long as an accompaniment and set as the far end of the orchestra, the Tuba nevertheless withholds soloist qualities: a mellow sound, rich colours and great power. This album highlights its polyvalence.

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