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Air Explosions: Stravinsky’s Feu d’artifice
Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) achieved fame and position as a composer building on a basis of a firm understanding of the art of composition. He came from a musical family – his father, Feodor Stravinsky, was a celebrated opera singer and
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On This Day
6 April: Igor Stravinsky Died
At the age of 88, Igor Stravinsky died on 6 April 1971 at his apartment in New York City. The composer had been in frail health for years but returned much refreshed from a two and a half month holiday
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When the Maid Isn’t the Maid
Stravinsky’s Mavra
To begin his new neo-classical period, Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) took a story by Alexander Pushkin and had Boris Kochno, Serge Diaghilev’s personal secretary, create a libretto for a little one-act comic opera. In Pushkin’s poem, a widowed mother and her
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Why Stravinsky Is the Most Rock’n’Roll of All Composers
Music takes a whole new meaning when seen in writing; when taken its soul away, and when left to simple ink on paper. Out of their physical contexts, musical ideas are perceived differently. This separation of physical and spiritual allows
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Condemned by a Kiss: Stravinsky’s Le baiser de la fée
Stravinsky’s ballet Le baiser de la fée gives us the life of a child fated to a bad end by a desirous fairy. Composed in 1928 for Diaghilev and created for the prima ballerina Ida Rubinstein, the ballet tells of
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Stravinsky’s Literary Sources
Igor Stravinsky had a vast appetite for literature. That appetite basically reflected his constant desire for learning, exploring, and for making new discoveries. Forced into exile by World War I, Stravinsky initially found inspiration in Russian folklore. A collection of
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Igor Stravinsky and His Maidens
Igor Stravinsky first met Katherine Gavrylivna Nosenko in 1890. He was quietly drawn to “Katya,” who was by all accounts a soft-spoken and intelligent girl. They shared a number of interests, and found common ground in music, as Katya was
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Igor Stravinsky
“My music is best understood by children and animals” Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) graced the cover of Time Magazine in 1948. The supporting article described him as a “Master Mechanic,” a man to be hired, on his terms, to write music
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